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Sciatica Relief

sitting on couch with leg painA persistent ache starts in your lower back, snakes down your leg, and refuses to let go. What is this, and what can you do about it?

It’s most likely sciatica, a bothersome condition rooted in nerve irritation. Sciatica can be debilitating, but understanding its causes and implementing proactive symptom management can significantly improve one’s quality of life.

The Causes, Symptoms, and Severity

Sciatica isn’t merely a pain in the leg or hips, as it typically originates in the glutes, travels beyond the knee, and sometimes reaches the lower back. It results from irritation to the sciatic nerve, particularly at the hip joint and the piriformis muscle.

Whether trauma-induced or not, sciatica can be the result of various factors, such as disc herniation, arthritic changes, or hip dysfunction. Symptoms include pain, difficulty in movement and walking, or trouble with standing for long periods of time.

The severity depends on the duration and intensity of the condition. For some individuals, sciatica becomes chronic, recurring in bouts.

The Importance of Addressing Your Sciatica Early

Recognizing the condition early is crucial to avoid long-term health issues. If you have already reached the stage of chronic pain, it will be harder to find relief but it is possible through proactive care, strengthening strategies, and detailed examinations. At our Lake Worth practice, we go through a detailed diagnostic process with patients that gives us the information we need to effectively manage sciatica symptoms through custom care plans.

Care and Techniques Focused on Your Healing

Regular care and accountability can help you proactively implement preventative measures and manage a sciatic nerve condition. Techniques such as nerve gliding, kinesio taping, electrical stimulation, and chiropractic adjustments often form the majority of an overall care regimen, alongside strengthening exercises to stabilize weak and affected areas.

By adopting a holistic and preemptive approach to sciatica, you exponentially increase your chances of maintaining a fulfilling and active life without the long-term restrictions imposed by chronic pain.

You Have One Body: Be Sure to Take Care of It

Most people take better care of their cars or cell phones than their own irreplaceable bodies. Unfortunately, the day that our body starts breaking down, especially in the case of sciatica and its overwhelming pain, your world can shrink, and daily life becomes out of reach.

We want to help you avoid losing your life enjoyment and fill your body’s toolbox with the strength and abilities it needs to maintain health long-term. Sometimes sciatica is caused by an accident that cannot be avoided, but more often than not, negligence is the culprit.

The reality is that our bodies and conditions are the summation of things we do on a daily basis and what we have done over the years. We want to provide insight into how you can manage your body through empowering, direction, ongoing conversation, and effective care.

Get Out of Pain and Feel Better

Sciatica care begins with a generalized examination by our doctors. We want to focus on the issue, test, and find the root cause. From there, we will get you on a customized care track with the appropriate care to resolve the discomfort and underlying issues.

Because sciatic nerve pinching is often a consequence of our livelihood, expect conversations about exercises and ways to strengthen areas that need it. Everyone is susceptible to sciatica, and it’s important for each person to maintain stability in the hip joints, glutes, and anterior or posterior parts of the leg.

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