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Lower Back Pain

woman on bed with back painSitting for long periods has become a standard part of our daily lives, but it can harm our lower back and overall health. Similar to the way smoking affects our health, prolonged sitting increases the storage of visceral fat in our bodies. Sitting causes tight hip flexors, weak glute muscles, and an underactive core. Being the bridge between our upper and lower body, the lower back bears the brunt of this imbalance.

The Overuse and Vulnerability of the Lower Back

The lower back is one of the most critical areas in spinal mechanics. It carries the weight of our upper body and is constantly engaged in various movements. Unfortunately, the lower back lacks the same structural integrity as the upper back, making it more susceptible to injuries and pain. Approximately 80% of the population experiences low back pain at some point.

The Link Between Low Back Pain and Arthritis

When we add trauma to the mix, such as accidents or injuries, the risk of developing arthritis in the lower back increases. The constant strain on the joint due to prolonged sitting and inadequate strength in surrounding tissues can also lead to chronic low back pain and even sciatica, characterized by leg pain and discomfort.

A Thorough Exam and Tailored Treatment

At Midtown Clinic of Chiropractic, our chiropractors conduct thorough examinations, including digital X-rays and orthopedic and neurologic testing, to ensure accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. This comprehensive approach allows us to determine the root cause and tailor our treatment options accordingly.

We aim to address immediate pain relief and equip patients with the necessary tools and knowledge to lead a fulfilling and active life. By understanding each patient’s unique goals, we can tailor treatment plans that align with their aspirations. Whether it’s being an active parent, enjoying special moments with loved ones, or participating in physical activities, we strive to provide excellent acute care and educate patients on how to manage their low back pain effectively.

Taking a Holistic Approach to Patient Care

Being a good healthcare provider means being a teacher. Our approach extends beyond simple adjustments and focuses on empowering patients with the resources they need for lifelong well-being. We consider lifestyle factors, potential arthritis, and long-term goals to ensure our recommendations support patients living their best lives.

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